Thursday, September 09, 2004

Job Future

I didn't want to be the first one to tackle Mr. Fisher's question, but I guess I will because it is bothering me that no one has responded.
In reference to the J. Blair's of the world, I'm not so much scared of it hurting my job perspectives. I know I love journalism. And I also know that no matter how badly I want a story, it would be harder for me to lie than to tell the truth. I'm not saying that I might never get myself into trouble, but I would definitely never make up a story.
When I was an editor on my high school newspaper, one of my staff writers plagarized a story. I was so angry. But I calmly went to my adviser and told her what had happened, and we made a plan of action in how to repremand the student. Though that experience isn't quite on the same scale, I still learned though the easy way out might work, it will eventually catch up with you.
I'm not sure if you are new on the job that being repremanded won't set you straight, but I also know that this is a job where there is no room for error. I can't say that I will never screw up a headline, because it is highly likely, I did it this week in copy editing lab and earned 15 points. I do know that I don't want a person who will do anything for a story in my business. There is a fine line about what can get you fired today, and I don't want something like a crazy headline to cost me my job, but that is the chance I took when I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that this was a cut throat industry, but to me, this is worth it. I will deal with having to be perfect.


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