Friday, August 20, 2004

The toughest class at USC

After working at the journalism school, I haven't been too excited about starting class and coming to the basement of the Coliseum where I have been five days a week for about six hours a day pretty much for the past year and a half. Nor was I excited about having to fight for parking after having a summer with an empty parking lot where I could come and go as I pleased. But I am really excited, and somewhat terrified of, Mr. Doug Fisher's Jour. 333 copy editing course.
I went through a terrible fiasco of having the class acidentally dropped from my schedule, but the ordeal of trying to outsmarting VIP and other journalism students to get back on the roster made me appreciate the class and the career I am getting into a lot more.
I know his class is definitely going to give my mind a work out this sememster, but isn't that what I paid for? Mr. Fisher's class is just step three in a long process where I have been disassembled from the the journalist I thought I was in high school while working on my school newspaper and will eventually be reassembled into the professional I could become. (Part one of the process was Prof. Wiggins' 202 writing course. Part 2 was Dr. Collins' Media Law course. Watch out for them.)
These professors, though intimidating, are some of the best around. And while you have to work really hard for A's and even B's for that matter, you will go into the journalism field being more prepared than if someone had just handed you a degree and said "Here, go write or look cute on TV"
I'll give updates throughout the semester about what this course really entails. I know copy editing will probably be the hardest course I have had at college thus far, but I also know surviving it is not impossible. But waking up for the 8 o'clock class might not be so possible.


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