Monday, September 06, 2004

The Blair-Glass-Kelley et al. legacy

We've had some really good posts here, some very eye-opening ones. I hope you are enjoying the insights of our posters, and I encourage those visiting this blog to comment. (Eds. note: Rest assured, we are not editing the postings, though we might occasionally see a little grammar faux pas and tell the poster.)

I'd like to toss a question into the mix to get another thread going. With Jayson Blair, Jack Kelley, Stephen Glass and a host of other folks (such as the recent case of a Seattle Times business columnist) openly or inadvertently borrowing (without credit) or fabricating material -- and getting fired for it with limited chance at redemption -- have you thought about the climate this is producing in journalism and how it might affect your career and the way you practice your craft? Is it affecting your attitude as you go through school at a time when, by many estimates, significant numbers of students buy term papers and otherwise cheat?



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