Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Intern's woes

A college student's column in a Massachusetts paper last week lamenting how she thought she was a shoo-in for an internship at Spin magazine -- only to be rejected -- has prompted some sharp responses on Romenesko's letters page.

My own take on this: She was just a little presumptuous to begin with. What do our bloggers think?

(On another matter: Thanks for the kind note, Ernie, but you've been a big part of this, too. Let's say we do it again next year and try to get the posts up.)


Blogger From Columbia said...

Some bloggers might be familiar with my MLB analogy (actually adapted from a comment by George Will). Early success at Little League baseball or slow-pitch softball can skew a young person's perspective of how difficult it is to reach the majors. Even those of us who are just fans of the game might be deceived by the beauty and grace we see among big league hitters, fielders and pitchers. But try hitting a ball hurled at you at 98 mph or sinking a basket from 30 feet out while avoiding defenders or catching a spiralling football while running at top speed, dodging blockers and negotiating turf. Few people can do these things well. Similarly, it might appear easy to land big, competitive internships (or jobs in major markets) but it ain't. It takes an abundance of talent, grit and luck. And besides that, like the man said, there's always somebody out there who's better.


Professor Wiggins

1:26 PM  

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