Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Chaos in the Classroom

So this post isn't about anything necessarily tied to J-school, but the appalling nature of students in one of my classes deserves a rant or two.

Our professor was going over the answers to our test we had just taken, so this is one of three or four days during the semester when the lecture hall will actually be filled. While giving the answer to a question, the class began to boo him about the answer. BOO HIM! How can you do that to a professor? And the outburst wasn't from just one unruly kid tucked in the back corner, this was a majority of the class acting out.

The question that received the outburst was about current battleground states for the election. The question was:
The key "battleground" states in this year's presidential election include:
a. New York, California and Florida
b. Colorado, Kansas and Wisconsin
c. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio
d. Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi

(The answer is C, and the question isn't really relevant to my rant, but I want bloggers to see how ridiculous students are.)

When the professor asked how many students answered A, over 75 percent of the class raised their hand. But, in the professor's defense, since most of the class has a political science or journalism major, they should have known the answer just from keeping up with current events.

When the professor tried to calm the class down, they just kept booing. It was like being stuck in the student section during a Gamecock football game, next to a lot of intoxicated guys, when an official makes a bad call.

Okay, to my rant. So the students in the class should be at least 17 or 18 years old. I'm pretty sure some even want to be future politicians. How can these so called adults treat a professor in such a manner? And this isn't even a professor that students loathe his class, but can't avoid taking the class. This is a wonderful professor who loves "The Daily Show", gives so much extra credit you could fail every test and not fail the class and doesn't take attendance.

Even if the question seemed tricky and students thought they should get credit for it, they should talk to the professor, email, phone, anything would have been more appropriate than booing. I know there are times when we as students get frustrated with tests and professors, but we are not 5, we don't boo them in class for a multiple choice question. I just think that students need to respect their professors, well just learn respect period. Professors deserve better than being booed, a lot better.

P.S. If you haven't spent the colder months in the Coliseum, it is always 20 degrees colder in the dungeon they call a J-school than it is outside. So even though it might be balmy and a nice 70 degrees, it is 50 degrees inside. So bring your coat and gloves and welcome to an early winter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that's pretty shocking. I can't believe so many people didn't know the answer. I'd expect any half-educated person to know, let alone students in a journo class! I'm British, living in England, and even I knew the right answer. Not to boast but really, I'm shocked at the level of ignorance. Let alone the students' reaction.

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