Monday, April 18, 2005

Little Fish in a Big Pond

I'm from small town America.
I don't know big town America.
But, I better find out. That's because in less than three weeks, I'll be on the way to Washington, D.C. to retrieve Brit Hume's coffee for three months--or at least that's what some have told me I'll be doing.
I refuse to believe that. Yes, this is an internship at one of the cable networks, and yes, often times interns do nothing more than the proverbial "gettin' coffee." But I hope I'll be able to get more out of my time at Fox and truly become a better journalist for that. I plan to stick to the proverbial "it's all what you put in" and just pray for the best.

Any thoughts from you who've done internships with the bigger dogs? (or thoughts from you who've worked with the bigger dogs?)

I hope everyone does well on finals.
Have a great summer,


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