Friday, February 11, 2005

Yada Yada Yada

This is my first post since last semester.

Since then, I have discovered numerous things. First, school is tough, requiring upwards of hours of studying and general preparation for proper learning.

Second, I hate large groups of people that do not allow for me to easily pass through said group.

Third, purchasing a iBook was the best thing that happened to me last semester (including interviewing Mayor Bob). If my PC did not contain my complete 'Seinfeld' collection, I would possibly chunk the machine right into Blossom Street, only hoping that one of the cars that tries to run me over every time I cross destroys the damned 'computer.'

Fourth, if I don't put my nose to the grindstone, I will be working at my part-time job, full time. I'm batting and the count is full; either I strike out or sail on over Jeter's head for a stand-up double. OK, enough with the Curtis Chow sarcasm. That being said, I refocused my academic endeavors away from the J-School, to the more general courses I should have taken my freshman and sophomore years.

Being released to the BA and Gambrell side of campus is somewhat of a relief. I get to see old friends and even make some new ones. Get this, there are even some rooms with windows. The Coliseum is very much like a casino with no windows or clocks; you could be down there for day and never know it.

In conclusion, study hard and often and you can make it. And don't wait to take those classes you should be taking now.

S.K.Bowen III


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