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I think that it is interesting that Tamika found a job and turned it down and David talks about how hard it is to find a job. Sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time and money on an advertising degree. Like David said I don't think I will be prepared. If the school of journalism is really trying to find a new major, it needs to be a major that teaches students hands on material. Not the material out of the textbook that doesn't even matter in the real world.


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I'm sorry you feel you're being deprived a sound education from the j-school.
As usual, I feel differently.
Since I have no experience in which to reference from the ad side of the house, I want to offer my feelings of the j-school.
I have had a wonderful experience so far in the electronic sequence; in fact, I cannot imagine studying any other major.
You speak of "hands on" experience, and quite frankly, it's almost too much hands on in broadcast. OK, OK, I know you can't have too much hands on, but nevertheless, it can become quite a load.
Secondly, and as I've said before, it's all what you put into it. Again, I may be speaking out of line, but I feel sure the advertising department has tons of extracurricular opportunities for students to become involved. You're probably right: if you sit back and let these four years pass you by, you're probably not gaining much insight. It's been helpful for me to GET up and make an effort getting to know my professors, and seek out those unique and HELPFUL opportunities. And believe me, there is almost no professor who won't bend over backwards to get you engaged, explain the "real world" or just chat about life. That's what they're best at and enjoy doing.
I just get frustrated with my peers who bicker and complain, and yet they do nothing about it. It's time we, as students, take some responsibility and quit laying blame on others. I think it was the King of Pop (or whatever he's the King of...jury's still out) who said it best: If you want to make a change, start with the man in the mirror.
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