Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Finally I am starting to feel like I am a broadcaster

I am finally in the broadcast side of my academic career. The more I go through the program the more it humbles me. We have quite a heritage here at USC through alumni and our falcuty and I am a step closer to being apart of that "lineage." I have a cousin that came through this program and he is currently at The Weather Channel as a producer. I think that this program has a alot to do with that. He was very prepared as he is smart and USC's name backing him did not hurt. I can't wait to hit the anchoring chair. I will constantly grow more and more as a journalist despite my past work experience in television. I know for a fact that some of what I left behind 3 years ago may not even be in existance now. Every year the G.M. of your station is finding new angles to push the station foward. You will see how he or she is "borrowing" ideas from other markets and BAM you are doing something different. I guess the rewards are doing something hard and reaching the goal. I learned that if your station is to compete, the so-called "hard" is what brings out the best in everyone.


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