Monday, January 31, 2005

Can you Imagine trying to cover the elections in Iraq?

I am very happy to see the elections are happening there so smoothly. I can remember when I deployed in real-world missions in the Army how I felt about the security. I can only imagine how tight the security is just to go across the street. I admire the reporters for the grit they have shown. They have to live like the troops. I am very sure that the media in country understand that an AK-47 assault rifle round does not care about your press credentials and you are in harms way. I guess what is really scary is all of the car bombings. I think it takes a special person to want to cover this kind of event. What makes all of the difference as an (aspiring) reporter from the outside looking in is seeing the joy the people have after having their first election in more than fifty years.
There is a bit of irony though. I guess in watching Iraq's elections versus ours we see millions of dollars spent to get people to the polls to vote. Outside many threats of violence there was a story I heard of a woman braving these perils to make her vote count and she later gave birth at one of the polling stations. Yet, we still see people who are fickle about voting here. I find that simply amazing. I think that is why reporters go to a place like that, to be amazed themselves.


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