Monday, November 29, 2004

Fried Turkey and Cousins

Sweet, the holidays. Fanfreakintastic. I can usually tell the onslaught of the holiday season with the amount of ads that containing massive amounts of green, red and “percent off” graphics.

This thanksgiving took our family to our usual holiday hideaway, Grandma’s. My parents, grandparents and I are usually the only ones who gorge the edibles. This year was different though. Apparently I have cousins - 12 of them. Yeh, you know those people who are related to you that you only see once a year? Well I haven’t see these people in (according to them) 15 years. And I don’t know about you, but my five-year-old memories consist mostly of candy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Along with new people at the main dinner table and numerous satellite tables comes new stories. There’s was one older gentleman, some distant uncle of some sort, who had great anecdotes with superb punch lines. He aurally wowed the table with his unique blend of wit and satire.

But, and I fell bad for saying such, there was another “uncle,” his brother in fact, whose stories bombed completely. He had a new audience and didn’t have enough time to feel out the audience. It was like watching a bad standup comedian fail miserably. My grandmother, who I sit next to for all holiday meals, made eyes at each other and smirked at how horrible the stories were.

Aside from all of the holiday cheer, I failed to register for any journalism classes due to an NHL type lockout. My time was scheduled for Wednesday at 1:00. 121% of the classes I needed were closed. Oh well, it leaves me time to clear up some other general requirements...This is also the first year I only have two finals in my classes. Simply amazing....Wish me luck next semester, I finally nailed down a schedule with no Friday classes...

Over and out good buddy,
S.K.Bowen III


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