Wednesday, October 20, 2004

That ol' poll

Just about everywhere you look these days, there's a poll. A poll for this, a poll for that, ratty-tat-tat, it's all about the polls. Want to know how many Americans bite their toenails? Well, why don't you just take a -yep, you guessed it-poll.

And being that it is an election year, the media is in poll overload. It's nearly impossible to find a newscast that doesn't mention some poll, whether it be a general-interest or, more probable, presidential poll. The problem? Just how accurate are these polls? And with thousands of different ones being thrown at viewers, which should they believe? My opinion is none, primarily because of their historical inaccuracies and biased motives.

For example, polls released today from ABC, Survey USA, and Fox News surveying which candidate is "leading" Ohio all have different outcomes. ABC and Survey put Sen. Kerry ahead, while Fox has Pres. Bush leading. Hmm...could it be a ploy by some of the major news organizations to further try and influence their viewers' opinions on the election? It's time for journalists to return to what they are meant to do- sort fact from fiction. If news organizations continually churn out biased news, then turn around and poll their victims, the viewers, I wonder how that poll might turn out? Take a guess.

So, my fellow citizens, this election season I ask that you be a tad more skeptical of the pollsters and their little bag-o-tricks.

Graeme Moore

P.S. I was just thinking that, uh, maybe I could take a poll of your opinions on this post?


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