Monday, October 04, 2004


I've recently been pondering the question, 'how do I measure success as a journalist?' I would imagine the knee-jerk answer most would give is, money. Well, that ain't it.
For the most part, local print and broadcast journalists don't make squat, comparatively- unless of course, you make it to the top. As much as I will aspire to do that, I must check back into reality. My chances of ever anchoring NBC nightly news are slim to none. If I were to do that, I could then most likely tell you a little about success.
Coming from a family of business people, it has been easy to measure or see success; or don't see it. Most businessess and their cohorts have tangible successes: good money, top sales, company prestige, etc. But as journalists, that's pretty hard to come by.
So, my question to all: how do you or will you measure success? I don't want to die the death of a---journalist.


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