Monday, October 25, 2004

The Real World

I have to admit it, this is my first post. I can't even make excuses for myself. Ah, the real world. Oh what it would be like to be a Gamecock again...Football games, 5 points and copy editing with Doug Fisher. Now I am gainfully employed at a small ad agency back here in Connecticut. Yes Connecticut, the little state next to the other little state of Rhode Island. Well, the preface of the job was to be something temporary until I move on to "big and better" things. I am getting paid, which is not helping in the motivation category. To make a long story short, I hate it. The agency is in the basement of a home, with a staff of 4 (including myself), and about 15 clients. Although the business appears to be successful, this is not what I pictured myself doing. I am not doing public relations, which is what I majored it! Not even close people. I mostly spend my days created Excel worksheets and emailing friends because I am so bored. I would much rather be busy all day long, then have time to kill. So, for everyone who is looking forward to leaving college and making money, it's not glamorous or exciting. Yeah, you aren't doing homework and going to class at some ridiculous hour, but you could be stuck doing something that you thoroughly despise. Hope all is well in South Carolina...My regards from Connecticut.


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Are you sure you went to journalism school?

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