Monday, October 18, 2004

No time for ZZZ's

I have to agree that sometimes classrooms are full of student's who assume its time to nap or get caught up in the latest Cosmo. On the other hand professors are stuck answering their own questions and reteaching the information to the same four or five students on the front row. It may have evolved this way due to intimidation by some professors or the fact that some massive lecture halls are jammed with students and professors ask that questions be asked after class or in his/her office.

However, I am reminded of my Media Law class in which we are forced to speak our opinion and read before coming to class. The professor does not allow anyone to sit on the back 2 rows in the auditorium and he calls random students and forces one to think critically about the subject/law case and relate it to a term. To put it bluntly: he puts you on the spot, he points his finger, he is demanding and he does everything but allow you to fall asleep in HIS classroom. He may even ask you to leave if he happens to catch you doing anything but listening. This is what I call an effective teacher, he challenges and he forces learning to take place. He also forces me to sit on the edge of my sit, always thinking, always prepared because I never know...

Now, that is what teaching is all about.


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