Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Journalism: A Deep Space Portal!

Ok, ok! So maybe it isn't exactly a "deep space portal" persay... but it definately is a portal into a large part of the business world.

Unless you are one of those "know exactly what you want to do and your whole life revolves around it happily" people, you are probably a lot like me. And before you hurl yourself off the side of a building in fear of the previous statment, let me clarify what I mean.

Throughout highschool, and most of my childhood in that case, I loved to write. I would write on anything and everything from over-imaginative adolescent zombie stories, to more, dare I say, sophisticated screenplays. So when it came time to bubble in that faithful 'Intended Major' circle that would shape the rest of my life, I did what any self-respecting teenager would have done... I went and watched cartoons.

Over time, approximately two episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants (don't even try to say you haven't watched it), I decided the field of Journalism would suit my need to write. I didn't really know much about Journalism other than it usually involves make-up, big hair, and the news. But through these first month(s) of JOUR201, an introduction to journalism, I've come to the conclusion that I can write without wearing make-up and a tie. Whether it be for newspaper opinion columns, magazine exclusives, or publishing a New York Times Best-seller - there are an abundance of opprotunities to suit everybody's talents.

What about me? Where am I headed? To the bathroom in about five minutes. But after that.. well, I guess we'll see. Atleast I can rest well at night knowing that there is indeed a place for my talents somewhere in this big, big world.


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