Saturday, October 23, 2004

In General

Being a journalism major and a great fan of media, in particular student media, I was happy to pick up the latest G&B magazine -- Carolina's student run quarterly. During my general page-flipping, I read what was hot (or not), viewed some student art and read a humorous bit about bar-hopping in 5 Points.

But then I turned to an article about the relation between South Carolina's STD rate and religion and saw the most disgusting and inappropriate pictures. One featured a girl straddling her male friend with her shirt half off and his hands in her thong underwear. Congratulations Garnet & Black for a stellar job in taste and decency.

Now I'm probably not the one to preach general decency -- I just drank a beer while taking a shower -- but these types of pictures are not needed in any magazine that is not sold in a plastic wrapper. The "lovers" faces cannot be seen and I'm pretty sure their parents are glad that their public romping is masked in anonymity.

I usually complain about where my student fees go (past rants have included WUSC and Student Government), but this takes the cake.

Is there a standard of decency followed in this "sex all the time in your face" culture? What is our level of responsibility? In my JOUR 202 class, we learned to not make people look like idiots....Apparently the "G&B" staff was absent that day.

I'm sure glad that the magazine is free, because I sure would have the first in line for a refund....Am I in the wrong here?


Blogger Jenni said...

just out of curiosity what was your rant on wusc about?

3:43 PM  
Blogger S. K. Bowen III said...

It was about how they only play secular music when they want money....I know their mission is to play stuff that you can't hear anywhere else but the arugment centered on that and a few other points...

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't a right-wrong issue, it's an audience issue. Was a significant portion of the audience offended to the point of never picking up another G&B? Then the staff made a bad decision by not understanding their audience. Did the audience get interested in the story through the photo (or just get past the photo) and read the story? Then G&B made a good decision by accurately judging their audience as enjoying seeing pictures of half-topless women and hands in underwear.

But right and wrong? That's all in the eye of the thong beholder. It didn't offend me, I stopped and read the story -- so long as I'm the G&B's target audience, the issue that you SHOULD be questioning, well, mission accomplished. If you're offended, don't read it now and don't read it again. Write a letter to the editor. You may not the kind of reader they're making the magazine for. Move along.

an ex-Cock who sure as hell isn't registering for a Google service just to post this

PS - I didn't get a copy of the latest G&B until I stumbled across this blog on Poynter. Good job boosting G&B's tasteless, indecent circulation.

PPS - Free? Who do you think pays for the G&B, and with what? The Tooth Fairy slipping dollar bills under the door? Go ask for your friggin' refund! Get all your offended friends to go with you and you might just even make a whole STATEMENT.

8:39 PM  
Blogger S. K. Bowen III said...

I never said if it was a right-wrong debate (I simply asked whether or not this was justifiable) -- it's just a matter of good taste. My letter to the editor is in the draft stages and will be complete by the end of this week.

As for who pays for this, I know that a portion, if not all, is paid with student activity fees. So hear ye, hear ye, University of South Carolina Columbia Campus, give me back my $0.18 that was so foolishly squandered on this abhorrent piece of work.

And while you're at it, I'd also like the portion of my Student Fees that paid for flash-in-the-pan rap "artist" Chingy to come perform for the greater student body last year -- and tack on some interest please...

I've got a few others that might bring my grand total refund up to just over a buck. La de da, someone call out the National Guard, because this revolution is just getting started....If we all get our dollars back, we could hit up the Wendy's on Assembly and buy Frosty's and talk about how we fought the system and won!!!.... YEH!

So I hope you get my point since I'm drowning in sarcasm over here....

3:11 AM  

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