Sunday, September 26, 2004

A Word From A Slacker

Well folks, I certainly haven't been the picture of responsibility when it comes to the blogs, so sor that I apologize. But, here we go....first words of advice - do not take Jour 364 and 438 at the same time! One is an introduction to the other, and although I knew and agreed to this, it can be a quite difficult transition from novice to advanced graphic design.
A point on our field today...I had an interesting talk with a man from our nation's capital yesterday concerning journalism and its ethics in today's society, and while I do not agree with all he had to say, I will give you a couple of his better points. He emphasized the fact that he 1) was an outside source who does not work in the business and 2) is a distinguished man who was an avid media follower. We were speaking of the recent Dan Rather / CBS fiasco, and the primary point we spoke of was whether rivalry (with no better word to use) was hurting the media's credibility. Now, with such pressure by the public and producers / editors to find and break important stories, how often are small stories being bulked up? Should we place our trust in certain networks, papers, or individuals? We even looked back to such instances as the Stone Philips episode of enhancing explosives to add more interest to a story concerning defective car parts around 1992 (Dateline?). It's actually a quite humorous story if you want to check it out.
All in all, this man wanted to point out the fact that, as tomorrow's media, we should establish a definitive sense of ethics before we allow a select few journalists to tread on all of our reputations. Trust is the key to reliability.


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