Friday, September 03, 2004

Who Reads In College?

So... here we go again. Post #2. Week #2 now completed. Summer is now even more officially over...and I'm loving every minute of it, minus the whole, "Oh yeah, I gotta go to class," aspect of it all.

It's funny how you get assigned all sorts of readings and materials for your classes and pay out of this world prices for books you'll probably never pick up again after this semester and then, once you have purchased the $1000 "under"-priced books, you somehow manage to fail to pick it up and read it when you're supposed to. I can already vouche for myself in saying I have had an all-nighter, already, and it's what, the 2nd week of school? (my, my)

However, I have been able to pick up other books that have absolutely nothing to do with the classes I am taking... whatsoever. (figures) Actually, three books (one of which a friend purchased for me and highly recommends). So once again, reading for class has been put on the back-burner ... but I promise... I'll pick it up and read it later.

As for now, I'll be turning to page one of The Pillars of the Earth by one Mr. Ken Follett, and maybe, tomorrow (yeah.. tomorrow sounds good) I'll pick up that book... for that one class I really need to do all that reading for.


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