Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A True Southern Republican

My status as a full Southern Republican was esatablished within the past twenty-four hours. With the acqusition of my second firearm, I am now a full-blooded Republican. Aside from that, the Convention is happening and as a truth seeking American (ie Journalist) I have been reading both "Lying Liars" by Al Franken and "Dude, Where's My Country" by Michael Moore to guage a greater Liberal scope on today's politics. Although Franken's book is quite entertaining, it does not really prove anything. His argument that supposedly discredits the mainstream liberal bias is based on one case, the 2000 election. Now I have taken STAT 201 and know that any broad statement, which Franken provides, should have more supporting information than one election. Gore was basically an incumbent that year and the media might focus more on the other cadidate. Franken needs to esablish more definitive arguments if he wants to disprove the "liberal bias" on the media.

On a different note, the University of South Carolina has confirmed itself as a money hungry Fortune 500 company. Charging double ($40) for a parking space that you are not guarenteed is rediculous. I have to pay $100 a semester to park in front of my fraternity house which we paid $2.1 milllion dollars to have built. And of course the university has oversold such spaces simply to make a buck. The state budget cuts certainly do not help, but charging me to park in front of my house is simply insane. I mean we only raised the money neccessary for our orgainization to stay afloat on campus and we are penalized.

I suppose I'll just have to sit back and cut checks and listen to Hootie.


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