Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Lessons learned in Senior Semester

Hello, sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. Senior Semester is absolutely crazy!! We are trying to make our daily 4 o’clock deadline so we can air our newscast on campus cable. Once we get that up and running we will hopefully go on Time Warner Digital Cable! Yikes!! So far, I had the opportunity to team produce a couple of newscast and direct a few show. I also anchored, and had a shot at being a sports anchor. What I love most is reporting. I love going out for that story BIG or small!!! Meeting different people daily is great!!! That is where the business cards come in. Recently I covered the Greek Festival, and I asked a few people “What’s going on in Columbia?” And wouldn’t you know it, I made some contacts I gave them my business card so that way they can call me if anything else was going on in Columbia. I walked away with a great story idea. (I’m not telling you guys what my story idea is.) In Senior Semester I’ve learned, don’t pitch a story that you REALLY want to do on a day that you are not a reporter. People tend to try to do your story and then you sit there and criticize on what a bad job they did or how you could have done better.
Other lessons I’ve in Senior Semester.
Everyone has an ego, some larger than others.
Communication, communication, communication
Listen to your professor
Just say “OK” don’t waste energy arguing with anyone. Just say “OK”

If there is something that you want to know about senior semester that I haven’t mention post the question or send me an email.


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