Thursday, September 23, 2004

I thought "narrative" journalism was in....

I was pretty excited when I got my first assignment for the Garnet and Black magazine. The next day I got started. I landed some interviews, pulled off two hour-and-a-half long sessions with gleaming professionalism and did a butt load of research plus I made deadline.

And all that enthusiasm has landed me right back in front of my laptop. My five page story was turned inside out and now I'm struggling to chop up my masterpiece to make the requested revisions.

I'm not griping about the editorial staff of the G&B... nah, they are just doing their job. Plus the story was not my best work... The only thing I did all summer remotely related to journalism was flip through Brazilian Elle on the beach.

But hold up: I was the journalism hotshot in high school and college is a big shocker. All of a sudden, everyone knows all the big words I do and they can use them correctly. The editor who critiqued my work knew what she was talking about. And worst of all, she told me to "show, not tell."

"Show, not tell." That was my mantra last year that I chirped to all my first year writers over and over again! And now this is being told to me! Oh god! My ego may never recover.


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