Tuesday, September 28, 2004

G.O.P. - Greek Ole' Party? Nah...

The recent coverage of the blog in The Gamecock was very close to the DHEC rating at Bates House - Poor. Although it did not make me suffer the same physical consequences as Bates food, it still made me mad that such an easy article was flubbed so badly. You would think that they would check out some information pertaining to the school of journalism, you know, being a paper and all. But moving on....

Political preference should not be as secretive as, oh let’s say, your medical history. I too am part of the Greek community, and I am a Bush supporter with a sticker on my car. I agree that we should have a secret ballot -- so every now and then I can vote for that Democratic Coroner -- but who you support tells a little bit about who you are. If we eliminated bumper stickers, go ahead and take down the lawn signs and you can forget billboards.

This may be a little broad and stereotypical, but stereotypes are partly true for a reason. Think about the community that inhabits the Greek Village -- and what those traditions and values usually encompass -- they are mostly Southern, mostly middle to upper class, mostly Republican. A recent S.K.Bowen survey conducted from the intimacy of my own vehicle of cars and their adhesive friends, yields that citizens of Greekland USA also support many other issues including state level Democratic and Republican candidates.

And I don't think anyone has been called cool becuase they have a school board sticker...

Aside from why Greeks may or may not be Republican, you should put whatever stickers on your car to try and influence anyone you can. If you look at my car, you know I support fishing, Bush, Costal Conservation Association, Half-Moon, and Yakima. I put my full trust and faith behind these organizations andproducts. By someone putting on a sticker, it’s just saying that I give them my stamp of approval. One thing that really can’t be argued -- Greeks are trendy, just not mainstream trendy.

How can USC students be original? By voting for the third party?

“Vote for a third party candidate? Go ahead, throw your vote away. “ - Kang The Simpsons


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Well said, my man.

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