Thursday, September 23, 2004

The culture of journalism

So many provocative thoughts have been posted about what journalists do and how they do it, and I'm delighted. This is part of the culture of journalism. Anyone who has been in a bull session with reporters, editors, producers, designers and shooters -- at every level and in every medium -- knows these folks spend a lot of time rethinking their interviews and stories, deconstructing the work of other journalists, plotting out new branches for a continuing story, evaluating the usefulness or credibility of sources, and so on. Some folks call this "shop talk." I often pass groups of students in the halls and hear similar kinds of conversations. The postings here are extending and expanding this culture of self-analysis, inquiry and criticism and the profession will be richer for it. As Randy Jackson would say when praising an American Idol contestant, "You got it goin' on, dawg!"


Blogger Jenni said...

good 'ole randy. lol.

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