Friday, August 20, 2004

What a great start

When Doug asked me to join him in this blogging adventure I was thrilled and flattered. I was thrilled because faculty and students spend so little time talking with each other -- the school has grown quite large and we're all so busy -- that reading your thoughts and concerns, hearing about your victories and challenges would help us understand you better. I was flattered by the invitation because I was known as one of the faculty members who came late to the "new technology party," wearing outdated duds, to boot. (I've gotten better in the last year.) So, to be asked to "play in this sandbox" (to quote Professor Fisher) was a little unexpected but greatly appreciated.
I would urge all of you chroniclers to post often. I might on occasion offer a thought but mainly I'll be reading about you and your lives.
We're off to a great start; let's keep it going.

Cheers all.


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