Tuesday, August 31, 2004

What can we do to help?

Folks, Doug and I are thrilled by the many thoughtful postings. Please, keep them coming. Be assured that uncertainty among university students is not uncommon. It does concern me, however, that so many students in our field get so far along in their studies before realizing what we're about is not what they're about or what they want to be about. We've take steps to modify the curriculum to bring the meaning of "journalism" to you sooner. We're reviving the Society of Professional Journalists to bridge the gap between the classroom and the working world. What else could we do to help? Please share your thoughts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to Dr. Wiggins' question, 'What more can we do to help,' I propose a suggestion. I think JOUR 201 should be the "do-or-die" course for those of us still undecided. JOUR 201 did nothing for me; it did not excite me, nor did it scare me away.

After taking JOUR 201, I walked out of Gambrell on the last day of class with a bunch of boring journalism history. True, it is important to know about Marconi and the yellow journalism era, but journalism is much more than that. 201 should be a compilation of what journalism is all about: writing, editing, researching, identifying stories, wages, work loads and yes, some historical background.

If it had not have been for my advisor, who encouraged me to stick with journalism, I would have definitely switched majors after such a discouraging start. It wasn't until later, as I progressed through some other JOUR classes, that I began to learn what journalism meant and began to truly love it.

The bottom line is journalism is much more exciting and different than portrayed in our introductory course. And by trying to weed out those who aren't "fit for journalism," you could be weeding out the next-greatest generation of journalists by disillusioning or boring them to death!

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