Friday, August 20, 2004

Freshman fog

I don't care how old I look, since I stepped foot on USC campus my brain has left the building. I spend most of my time lost.

Walking around campus, one is always on display. It's so tempting to stare down people, assess how they dress, walk, whether one hand is occupied with a cellphone, cigarette or appendage of another. And on the big bulletin board of life, it's painfully obvious that I am a freshman, and indeed, have no idea which way is up.


Blogger Gill Bell said...

I was pretty lucky to have had experience around USC because of a girlfriend prior to actually attending this Fall semester. But finding classes that are so sporadically placed around campus can still be a royal pain. Luckily, most students and people in general around the "campus" are usually willing to help you find your place either because they know what it's like, or they knew what it was like at one point. So cheers to the USC community!

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